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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Book IV

Book 4 New.jpeg
Hadran Corvis of Farfell

ISBN:  978-0998563626

$10.00-14.99 USD

Callum – the twin brother of the Dragonmyst – has landed upon the Island Province of Farfell, an insolated spit of land with a past steeped in ancient secrets.  He has been recruited by Asár íl Cadásur to retrieve something from antiquity, but Callum's wanderlust may have gotten him into a situation far beyond anything he ever expected.  He faces demons and monsters while learning about how the Cadásur built creation.  The question Callum has to ask himself is what will he find next as he seeks out "Hadran Corvis of Farfell"?

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