This is getting out of hand...

It's bizarre to think that at the beginning of they year everyone was posting up Barbra Walters "This is 2020" memes and now here we are in August, and this has turned out to be the year from hell.  Fortunately, there's a bright spot in all of this:  It's Author Awareness August and I'm promoting other indie authors all month long.  Take a look at what's on the docket for the vlog as well as the podcast.

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August 1st:  Author Awareness August 1

I'm interviewing UK contemporary romance author Amy C. Beckinsale about her debut novel, "One Night Forever".

August 3rd:  Season 3 - Storytellers

The fifth episode of the podcast features a fantastic short story called "The Kizmet of Arundel" by creative writing student Antonio Martinez.

August 8th:  Auhor Awareness August 2

I'm interviewing superntural fantasy author JC Paulk about his first eBook, "Evangelicals in Hell".

August 10th:  Season 3 - Storytellers

The podcast's sixth episode features a suspenseful piece of lycanthropic flash fiction from UK native Markus McKinley.

August 15th:  Author Awareness August 3

I'm interviewing Australia Sci-Fi writer and Podcast host Dzintra Sullivan about her writing.

August 22nd:  Author Awareness August 4

I'm interviewing NYC author GM Nair about his work in writing comedy fiction and his book "Ducket & Dyer: Dicks For Hire".

August 15th:  Author Awareness August 5

In the season finale, I'm interviewing Texas native and author Carolyn L. Dean about her work writing cozy mysteries and being a USA Today best-selling author.


Garrett will be on hiatus planning the Vlog Season 3



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