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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello, Everyone!!! Today is a glorious Friday and I'm incredibly excited to share with you some of the things that I have been blessed to do lately. This past Sunday, July 1st, was the Hanford-Visalia

AnimeCon and yours truly was featured as one of two local authors at the convention. Sold quite a number a books too, mostly copies of Book 1. It felt a lot like Free Comic Book Day two months ago; on FCBD, I was located at Collector's Choice Comics in Visalia, CA and I was essentially building up a whole new fan base over there; sold a lot of Book 1, which is great because I love meeting people who might become new fans of the series.

During the Convention, I was approached to give a live interview with the Toy Box, an online web series that discusses toys and collectibles from around the convention circuit as well as other venues. Great group of people!!! You can see the Promo Interview HERE and I will be linking the full interview to the site as soon as it drops this weekend.

The next big thing that I wanted to talk about is Book 4. So first, let me just say that this was a challenging piece of writing to do because it consumed a lot of time. The book had started out as one thing, and then it came together and gave me the chance to explore some elements that have been brought up in the first three books and expand on them.

That being said, Book 4: Hadran Corvis of Farfell is officially written. That's right... the writing process is finished and the next phase is going through and starting the editing sequence. Book 4 closes out the first generation of characters, so the characters we meet starting in Book 5 - yes, there will be a fifth book - will be younger, newer, and they will have their own set of adventures to pursue.

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday and that you have a great weekend!!!

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