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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hey, how's it going everybody!!! I wanted to reach out to you because it's been some weeks since my last blog posting. Things have been wild since the Hanford-Visalia AnimeCon that was put on earlier this month by Ohana Comic Con. Four days after the Con (July 5 to be exact), I officially finished the writing/drafting process of Book 4: Hadran Corvis of Farfell. This book has been an interesting animal to write to say the least... it has taken a lot of planning and a lot of research to make sure that this book follows the trend on enhancing the overall story while improving on reader engagement. I'm currently in the editing phase of the process, and so far it's going well. I'm just in the first round of edits making sure that everything looks correct and that there is continuity throughout the book and its connections to the previous entries in the series. There are a total of 26 chapters and an epilogue; I'm currently working on my first edit of chapter 9. It took me four days to get through the editing on chapter eight only for the sheer fact that scheduling conflicts, lots of travel, and an inability to do anything by drive became the primary factors.

But, the work goes on.

In the meantime, there are some new events coming up where you'll be able to come pick up a copy of the books if you haven't already done so. Coming upon September 15, 2018, it's BATMAN DAY, there's a lot to celebrate since (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Batman and Catwoman got married. The second event is the HALLOWEEN COMICFEST 2018 which will be held the last Saturday before Halloween on October 27, 2018. If you click on the titles for either event, you'll be taken to the informational sites, or you can go to the FACEBOOK PAGE for DJ's Collectible Shoppe, which will be locally hosting both events.

And speaking of DJ's Collectible Shoppe, guess what's now available for purchase at the store... that's right there are two sets of SIGNED copies of my books. The prices - according the attached image of the flyer - are as follows: each book is $15.00, or you can get the whole set for $36.50.

​So if you haven't gotten yourself a copy, that's a great way to get one locally. Hope everyone is having a great week, and I'll keep you posted regarding any future developments on Book 4, the Companion Site, and everything else involving the Five Kingdoms.


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