• Garrett K. Jones

Author Awareness: The 50th Episode

In which Indie author and vlogger Garrett K. Jones celebrates this landmark episode by interviewing not just one author for this segment, but TWO authors... at the same time!!! Garrett interviews fellow fantasy authors Karma Marie about her book "Amuse", and John Harrison about his ongoing series, "The Shadow Saga".

Karma Marie: www.karmamarie.com - www.facebook.com/karmamarie

Amuse: https://www.amazon.com/Karma-Marie/e/...

John Harrison: https://jalbertharrison.wix.com/autho...

The Shadow Saga: https://www.amazon.com/John-Harrison/...

Facebook: jalbertharrison - shadowsaganovels - HoHPresents

IG: @John_A_Harrison

Twitter: @John_A_Harrison - @R4DRPG

Snapchat: darkjag

Pinterest: John Harrison

Twitch: twitch.tv/DarkJag - twitch.tv/HoHPresents

YouTube: bit.ly/2PcB3Qx

Garrett K. Jones

IG/Twitter: @gkj_publishing

Creator's Corner Podcast: anchor.fm/gkjpublishing


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