• Garrett K. Jones

What's In a Name?

In which host Garrett K. Jones provides a list of seven rules (guidelines, really) for developing character names. The list comes from a blog post (found here: https://bit.ly/3isVKY7). Garrett also provides updates on #AuthorAwarenessAugust, a promotion for his #Audiobook, and for the book signing event he'll be attending at the Hanford Branch of the Kings County Public Library.

0:00 - Tizzy & Wayne Coffee Show (Paid Promotion)

0:35 - Cold Open

2:58 - Announcements

3:55 - Creator's Corner

8:03 - Rule 1

9:14 - Rule 2

9:36 - Rule 3

10:21 - Rule 4

10:38 - Rule 5

10:59 - Rule 6

11:55 - Rule 7

12:38 - Media Plugs

Etymology Resource: www.behindthename.com

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*Video clips from "Empire Strikes Back", "Pirates of the Caribbean", and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" do not belong to me and are the intellectual property of their rights holders; they were used specifically for comedic effect or to highlight a point in this educational video.

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