• Garrett K. Jones

Dark Recommendations

In which host Garrett K. Jones invites prior interviewee and guest presenter Ashley Greathouse to present her personal top ten book recommendations for the first recommendation list of Season 4.

Ashley's Top 10 Books:

"Dark Flowers" - Caitlyn Brooke 2:54

"The Bard" - Matrell Wood 3:36

"A Necessary End" - Chris Tetreault-Blay 4:10

"Complete Darkness". Matt Adcock 4:47

"Marked" - P.C. Cast 5:36

"The State" - Sean Vik 6:16

"How We Met With Our Ghosts" - Jennifer E. Hudgens 7:01

"Precious Amber" - James Fuller 7:37

"But It Was October" - Melissa Slate-Bindschadler 8:14

"Fallen September" - Melissa Slate-Bindschadler 8:35

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