• Garrett K. Jones

Top 10: Comedic Reads

In which indie author and vlogger Garrett K. Jones provides his top ten recommendations for hilarious, laugh out loud comedic books.

10) The Diary of a Mad Diva (978-1416599241)

09) The Innocents Abroad (978-1948132084)

08) Cruel Shoes (978-0446920704)

07) In Such Good Company (978-1101904671)

06) I Am America (978-0446582186)

05) If You Ask Me (978-0425245286)

04) Bossy Pants (978-0316056878)

03) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (978-0345453747)

02) Red Shirts (978-0765334794)

01) Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man (978-1863597302)

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*Clip from Airplane used for humor purposes and this channel makes no claim of its IP.

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