• Garrett K. Jones

Top 10 Recommended Audiobooks

In which host Garrett K. Jones provides his top ten #audiobook recommendations cultivated from his personal library on #Audible. Garrett also provides an update on local events where he will be doing book signings as well as Author Awareness August.

Cold Open - 0:35

Library Event - 2:20

Author Awareness August - 2:58

10) The Science of Sci-Fi by Erin MacDonald (B07ZPCVMHC) - 4:32

09) Cut and Run by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (B082YKTX2G) - 5:09

08) Sovereign by Jeff Hirsch (B07MQ2NP82) - 5:38

07) Mars One by Jonathan Maberry (B078SYCHFL) - 6:19

06) The Darkwater Bride by Marty Ross (B07J1L19Q4) - 7:06

05) The Real Sherlock by Lucinda Hawksley (B08DC9QKDR) - 7:46

04) Sherlock Holmes: The Voice of Treason by George Mann, Cavan Scott (B084BT2LK4) - 8:09

03) Lily by Ashley Greathouse (B08VS9FBBK) - 8:59

02) In the Hills Above the Gristmill by Kalvin Ellis (B08GXMXQKK) - 9:39

01) The Circle by Stephen J. Galgon (B08WHTPG9L) - 10:46

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