• Garrett K. Jones

Top 10 Recommended Graphic Novels

In which host Garrett K. Jones provides his personal top ten list of recommended graphic novels.


10) Batman Vs Predator - Dave Gibbons/Andy Kubert (978-1563890925)

09) Amazing Spiderman, Vol. 2: Revelations - J. Michael Straczynski/John Romita Jr. (978-0785108771)

08) Watchmen - Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons (978-1779501127)

07) Batman: Year One - Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli (978-0290204890)

06) Fathom - Michael Turner (978-1941511671)

05) Wolverine: Origin - Paul Jenkins/Andy Kubert (978-0785137276)

04) Batman: Haunted Knight - Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale (978-1401284862)

03) Batman: Dark Victory - Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale (978-1401244019)

02) Batman: The Long Halloween - Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale (978-1401232597)

01) Batman: Hush - Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee (978-1401297244)

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