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Zago Darkbreed

Zago, the husband of Rozné, was the second-in-command to the Vampires' clan leader Áscúro.  He was a former member of the King's Guard in Maíga before becoming a Vampire.  Due to his wife's subsequent tasting of Asher's blood, he has come to realize the young man's importance, believing Asher to be the savior promised to them by a long-dead Vampire elder named Matheran.

But Zago's hope is short-lived; not long after his wife returns after a four-month absence, he is kidnamed by his clan leader and experimented on by Áscúro's political ally, Chancellor Ceris of Cí-Cen.  The injection of a mixture of Viper venom, black sand from the Three-Sands Desert, and Drách Asár’s blood transformed him into a mutated Vampire known as Darkbreed who have the power to turn both the living and the undead with their infectious bite.



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