It's the Most Wonderful  Time of the Year!!!

Welcome to December... the final month of the calendar... did you know, before the Julian calendar was twelve months, it used to just be ten?  Yeah... July and August were added by the Caesars to honor themselves, and December used to be the tenth month before it became the twelfth.  Go figure!!!

Anywho, here's a look at what's coming down the Christmas pipeline.  Give it a whirl and make sure to subscribe to the VLOG OF THE FIVE KINGDOMS on YouTube and the CREATOR'S CORNER podcast on Anchor.


As always, here's a list of the episodes coming up for the Vlog:

December 7th:  UPDATES

The countdown to the end of 2019 begins with the first of three vlogs meant to close out the year.  Garrett provides updates on Book 5 and the Audiobook.

December 14th:  Author Awareness

Garrett gets the opportunity to interview Fantasy author KJ Backer about her series Nav'Aria.

December 21st:  Creator's Christmas

Garrett closes out the year by offering a writing tip about Word Choices, Origins, and Etymology.

Poppin' Podcasts!!!

New Episodes weekly every Monday morning at 9am!!!

It Is Finished!!!


Book 5 Progress

Garrett's planning on having Book 5 (aka the WIP) completed as far as the writing phase is concerned.

Book I: The Heirs of Menonias

The Audiobook

The Audiobook version of "Book I:  The Heirs of Menonias" is currently set for a TBD release.

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