Love is in the air... it makes me sick!!!

Happy February everybody.  I'm excited to announce that there are some great things going on in my little corner of the world.  A lot of fun projects are coming up this month and I'm working on something extra special to streamline the website a little bit more.  Below you'll find all of the major calendar dates listed and why they are super important.


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As always, here's a list of the episodes coming up for the Vlog:

February 1st:  Updates and Romance

In which Garrett provides updates on his projects and a new Top 10 List of novels in the Romance genre.

February 3rd:  Podcast Season 2

The second season of the Creator's Corner Podcast kicks off with a new theme - "Welcome to the Danger Zone" - and will focus on the way we as writers end up feeling vulnerable before, during, and after the creative process.

February 8th:  Author Awareness

Garrett get to have an interview with With Provo, UT native Christopher Kimball Bigelow about his new book "Acid Test".

February 15th:  NO VLOG

Garrett will be taking a break to recover from the dangers of Valentine's Day.

February 22nd:  Creator's Corner

Garrett provides a great set of tips focusing on what to do and NOT do when promoting your books via social media.

February 29th:

Thar be Dragons in Garrett's focus on this very special LEAP DAY episode!!!


New content is a-comin'!!!

Poppin' Podcasts!!!

New season begins today... new topic:  The Danger Zone of Writing.  New Episodes weekly every Monday morning at 9am!!!

All Authors, All August


Author Awareness August

Garrett will be kicking off an entire month-long series of author interviews throughout the entire month of August... Five Saturdays, Five authors to get to know.  This is going to be authoritatively awesome!!!

Book I: The Heirs of Menonias

The Audiobook

The Audiobook version of "Book I:  The Heirs of Menonias" is currently set for a TBD release.

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