A Walk in Autumn

Taking a Break

Welcome to September.  Season 3 of the vlog is done and in the can and I'm studiously planning for Season 4 which launches in October.  Beyond there isn't much to share except that all episodes of the vlog are now here on the website.  Enjoy.​

There is also an active call for previously interviewed authors for both my YouTube channel and Podcast to come back on the show and provide their own Top 10 Book Recommendations and assist with the Creator's Corner writing tips, as well as a call for new interviews for Author Awareness Season 4.


Of course, as always you can become a channel supporter through PATREON where you will have four (4) support tiers to choose from, as well as getting yourself some sweet merch from the new STORE provided by Teespring.  If you get a shirt, poster, or some other item, make sure to take a pic, post it to social media, and use #5KingdomsMerch in the tag.

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September:  NO NEW CONTENT

Garrett is enjoying a month-long break.


Season 4!!!