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Happy New Year!!!

202 is over and 2022 is upon us.  With this new year comes some brand new content for both the website, the YouTube channel, the podcast, and of course, the books.


The edits for Book 5 have been completed for now, and beta readers are wanted and needed.  The development of the book is going well; cover art has already been created and an ISBN has already been generated and is waiting to go.  The only thing left is to get feedback on what works and what doesn't, make the necessary changes, and then get the production side of things going.

I have another local event at the Kings County Library on January 29th... for those of you local to Kings County, I hope to see you there!!!!


Be on the lookout for more updates regarding Book five... I'm excited to share all the new changes!!!

Of course, as always you can become a channel supporter through PATREON where you will have four (4) support tiers to choose from, as well as getting yourself some sweet merch from the new STORE provided by Teespring.  If you get a shirt, poster, or some other item, make sure to take a pic, post it to social media, and use #5KingdomsMerch in the tag.

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January 1:  NO VLOG

Garrett is busy sleeping off New Year's Eve... but check out the new Teaser promo for the YouTube Channel.

January 8:  Top 10 List

Garrett has an all new top 10 reading recommendations list from a very special guest presenter.

January 15:  Author Awareness

Garrett gets to interview children's author Chrys Wimer about her books.

January 22:  Creator's Corner

Garrett will be continuing the in-depth study of the Hero's Journey by examining the concept of the Mentor Figure.

January 29:  Forming Fantasy

Garrett has a book-signing event at the Kings County Library and don't forget to tune in for yet another new livestream episode.


More videos coming soon for the month of love...