Summertime Fun

I wanted to give everybody a heads up that things are progressing well for the summer... mostly.  It's been a busy season and I can't believe that it's already going to be July.  Totally crazy, but I'm excited.  I'm mostly gearing up for the last few primary episodes of Season 4 before launching into Author Awareness August, which kicks off Saturday August 6 with the first of four interviews.  The Author Showcase will launch at the end of July to preview every author I will be interviewing.

One special and important thing that I did want to highlight is that I will be making a special announcement regarding Book 5 before the end of Season 4, so please be on the lookout for that.

Of course, as always you can become a channel supporter through PATREON where you will have three (3) support tiers to choose from, as well as getting yourself some sweet merch from the new STORE provided by Teespring.  If you get a shirt, poster, or some other item, make sure to take a pic, post it to social media, and use #5KingdomsMerch in the tag.

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July 2:  No Video

Garrett is primed for a break going into the Independence Day holiday.

July 9:  Top 10's

Garrett provides the second half of his top ten Audiobook recommendations for Season 4.

July 16:  Author Awareness

Garrett gets the opportunity to interview Utah-based Christian author Emily Bernath.

July 23:  Creator's Corner

Garrett finishes up the exploration of the Hero's Journey by talking about the Final Scene of the monomyth/story structure.

July 30:  Author Showcase

Garrett previews the four authors that are going to be featured during the 2022 Author Awareness August interview marathon.


Author Awareness August kicks off on 8/6/22!!!