Summer is here!!!

Happy June, folks... It is crazy how busy things have been with all of the crappy Covid Quarantine, but I'm still surviving.  There's a lot going on this month as far as media goes.  Registration is open for the third season of the #podcast and I'm excited for the authors who have already registered and submitted to have their work turned into audiobook style episodes.  I've also had the opportunity to finish editing two chapters in the new book, so I've got the first round completed through Chapter 12... so far.  But here is what's coming down the pipeline for the month regarding the vlogs.

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June 6th:  Top 10's

In which Garrett provides a new top 10 list of Comedy reads to tickle your summertime funny bone.

June 13th  Author Awareness

In which ​Garrett interviews Irish historical fiction author Stephen Black.

June 20th:  Creator's Corner

In which Garrett explains the importance of how you construct a scene when you are writing.

June 27th:  Forming Fantasy

In which Garrett explores the uses of technology in his fantasy series.



New content and a new Podcast season officially begins on July 6th!!!

Poppin' Podcasts!!!

New season begins today... new direction focusing on turning the short stories, flash fiction and poetry of indie authors into audiobook style episodes... each week a new episode, each episode a new author!

All Authors, All August


Author Awareness August

Garrett will be kicking off an entire month-long series of author interviews throughout the entire month of August... Five Saturdays, Five authors to get to know.  This is going to be authoritatively awesome!!!

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