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Season 4 is Here!!!

The new Season of the Vlog is up and running on YouTube.  The Season Premier.  This is going to be an exciting new Season with some minor tweaks to the show's format.  The familiar segments are back, but there is a change to Forming Fantasy, which will now be a monthly livestream on YouTube and Instagram.

Of course, as always you can become a channel supporter through PATREON where you will have four (4) support tiers to choose from, as well as getting yourself some sweet merch from the new STORE provided by Teespring.  If you get a shirt, poster, or some other item, make sure to take a pic, post it to social media, and use #5KingdomsMerch in the tag.

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October 2:  Season 4 Premier

Garrett provides a breakdown of what to expect from the new season.

October 9:  Top 10 Recommendations

Garrett invites Dark Fantasy and Horror author Ashley Greathouse to return to the channel and provide her top ten book recommendations for the month of October.

October 16:  Author Awareness

Garrett kicks off the first interview of Season 4 by speaking with Brian McCay, Ph.D. - the author of "All You Need Is...".

October 23:  Creator's Corner

Garrett begins this season's set of writing tips by breaking down Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey", the storytelling format that sits at the core of some of the world's best stories.

October 30:  Forming Fantasy

Garrett launches his first monthly livestream on YouTube and Instagram while simultaneously working on edits for Book 5.


More videos coming soon for the month of November.