July ​is already kicking into high-gear and while I don't have much to share this month, there is still a lot going on.  First and foremost, there is new content hitting YouTube Channel.  I am also hard at work on the audiobook edition of the HEIRS OF MENONIAS.  The recording process requires some major scheduling arrangements but it's getting there.  The most time consuming part is editing each track and getting it ready for production.

Speaking of audiobooks, my poetry collection - "The Lover, The Fighter & The Philosopher" is available on Audible/Amazon for purchase.  If you have an Audible subscription, you can pick it up with one of your monthly credits or you can purchase it outright for a low price.  However, if you's like to score yourself a complimentary copy, become a channel supporter through Patreon... doesn't matter which support tier you choose, the first 20 new subscribers will receive a promo code for a free audiobook download.

I will also be doing an in-person book signing event at the Hanford Library on July 31st... I'll be live streaming during the event and if you';re local come on down.

As always you can become a channel supporter through PATREON where you will have four (4) support tiers to choose from, as well as getting yourself some sweet merch from the new STORE provided by Teespring.  If you get a shirt, poster, or some other item, make sure to take a pic, post it to social media, and use #5KingdomsMerch in the tag.

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July 3rd:  No Vlog

Garrett is celebrating Independence Day without releasing a new video.​

July 10th:  Top 10's

Garrett provides the top ten recommended audiobooks cultivated from his personal Audible Library.

July 17th:  Author Awareness

Garrett interviews New Jersey-based Stephen J. Galgon, author of the award-winning book "The Circle".

July 24th:  Creator's Corner

Garrett discusses the significance in selecting a character's name and why it's important to be thoughtful about it.

July 31st:  Author's Showcase

Garrett shares the list of authors he is interviewing for Author Awareness August 2021!!!

Garrett will be at the Hanford Branch of the Kings County Public Library for an author talk and book signing as part of Hanford's 130th anniversary.


Garrett kicks of July with more content and additional updates.