...And THIS is 2020!!!

Well Happy New Year, everybody.  I'm excited to see what this new month, new year, and new decade will bring for me and those closest to me.  The Christmas Season was really cattywampus with the radical shifts in the weather and the travel and whatnot.  Over the course of the month of December, I finished working on a few different projects... on Dec. 13 I finished the writing of the manuscript for Book 1 and have since begun the editing phase.  The following Tuesday, I finished working on a screenplay for a local production studio, and then two days after that, i finished the recording of an audiobook for a client... I'm really excited about that last bit because it was a lot of fun.  And as December came to a close, I finished the first season of my podcast and created the audiobook for some poetry I've been encouraged to complete.  So needless to say, I've been productive.

Anywho, here's a look at what's coming up in the month of January.  make sure to subscribe to the VLOG OF THE FIVE KINGDOMS on YouTube and the CREATOR'S CORNER podcast on Anchor.


As always, here's a list of the episodes coming up for the Vlog:

January 4th:  Garrett Survived the New Year... Kinda

In which Garrett provides a new Top 10 List of tools every writer needs to have in their arsenal.

January 11th:  Author Awareness

Garrett get to have an interview with April Renee, an indie Fantasy author from Australia.

January 18th:  Creator's Corner

Garrett talks about the importance of sleep... because well... it's sleep and it's freaking important!!!

January 25th:  Forming Fantasy

Garrett breaks down how to employ the use and rules of magic when writing in the Fantasy genre.


New Content... always new content!!!

Poppin' Podcasts!!!

New season begins today... new topic:  The Danger Zone of Writing.  New Episodes weekly every Monday morning at 9am!!!

All Authors, All August


Author Awareness August

Garrett will be kicking off an entire month-long series of author interviews throughout the entire month of August... Five Saturdays, Five authors to get to know.  This is going to be authoritatively awesome!!!

Book I: The Heirs of Menonias

The Audiobook

The Audiobook version of "Book I:  The Heirs of Menonias" is currently set for a TBD release.

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