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Hadran Corvis

Hadran Corvis – the armor collected across the landscape of the Island Province of Farfell – is made up of four individual components.  The first component is K’Atep, a silver pauldron that affixes to the wearer’s shoulder; it provides an increased agility and balance.  The second component is L’Áv, an equilateral pentagon badge that attaches over the heart; it provides the wearer with an increased stamina and connection to the magic of the Cadásur Source.  The third component is R’Gül, which is a rectangular strip of silver metal that attaches to the right hip and side of the upper thigh; it provides the wearer with increased endurance and strength.  The fourth and final component is R’Yásh which looks like a silver crown resting around the wearer’s head; it provides greater awareness and focused control of the armor.  When all four pieces are combined the armor becomes a deep ebon color.


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