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Drách Asár

Drách Asár is the progenitor of two races:  the Dragons and the Vampires.  Asár had at one time been a member of the Cadásur, and during the creation of the world, he not only created the Dragons, he became the Prime Dragon, the very first one.  He helped teach them what it meant to be sentient and how to not always give in to their primal urges.

But Asár's life was destroyed when his Dragon family - his mate and hatchling - were killed by Menonias' soldiers when the Magus learned of the location of the Nests, the place where all Dragons go to rear their young.  He could never find those responsible so he gave up and became Human.  But the Demon J'Hadahiri N'eth-Bani sought him out and promised a return to his power; thinking the offer legitimate, Asár accepted and the first time he sank his teeth into the flesh of a Blood Elf, he created some of the first Vampires as he himself had become one when he accepted the Demon's offer.



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