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Pronunciation Guide


Chapter 1

  1. Amara:  The youngest princess of Maíga, she died at the Temple of Orman.

  2. Asár (Uh-sawhr):  Asher’s true first name.

  3. Áscúro (Awh-scyoohr-oh):  The Vampire clan leader met originally in Book I.

  4. Asher:  The Cadásur; he was a priest in training who learned that he was the son of an ancient celestial being.

  5. Borj (Boohrj):  A Vampire Asher meets on the way to the Vampire lair.

  6. Cadásur (Cuh-Dawh-Soohr):  An ancient race of winged celestial warriors of which Asher is a member.

  7. Dalin (Dawh-lihn):  A Vampire that Asher meets on the way to the Vampire lair.

  8. Dobryn (Doh-brihn):  The now-deceased royal advisor to the king of Maígan.

  9. Dragonmyst (Drah-guhn-mihst):  The title bestowed upon the chosen herald of the Dragons’ return to the Five Kingdoms.

  10. Dwarven:  Of or related to Dwarves and their race.

  11. Gavin:  The current bearer of the Dragonmyst title, and an ally of Asher’s from Book I.

  12. Hærborton (Hayhr-bohr-tuhn):  The capital city of Mær-D’en.

  13. Hubb:  A trade city in the center of Mær-D’en with a dedicated marketplace.

  14. J’Hadahiri N’eth-Bani (Juh’Hawh-duh-hee-ree Nuh’Ehth-Bawh-nee):  The ancient demon that Asher destroyed months before the opening of Book III.

  15. Mær-D’en (Mayhr-Duh-ehn):  The westernmost kingdom of Icínq-Régn, it is the only kingdom that isn’t landlocked and boasts a powerful economy based on fishing and seafaring as well as a strong navy.

  16. Mær-D’ennian (Mayhr-Duh-Eh-nee-uhn):  Of or relating to Mær’D’en, or a citizen of that kingdom.

  17. Maíga (Myh-guh):  The northernmost kingdom in Icínq-Régn, it used to be the homeland of the Elves and the place where Magic originated.

  18. Oí, Magá (Oy-Muh-gawh):  “Oh Maker” in the Elf tongue.

  19. Order of the Prómasúst (Proh-muh-soost):  The religious order of monks that lead the worship and faith practices of Pasco-Dál.

  20. Pasco-Dál (Pah-scowh-Dawhl):  The easternmost kingdom in Icínq-Régn, the kingdom has fallen into disarray since the death of the royal family.

  21. Rax (Rahkss):  A Vampire Asher meets on the way to the Vampire lair.

  22. Rozné (Rawhz-nay):  The Vampiress who bit and turned Asher into a Vampire in Book I.

  23. Temple of Orman (Ohr-Muhn):  An ancient Elf site dedicated to the First Elf; it has been converted into a Spirit Prison used for containing demons.

  24. Úpírshi (Ooh-Peehr-shee):  The word for “Vampire” in their own language.

  25. Vampire:  A race of undead who prowl the wilds of Icínq-Régn for any living things they can drain of blood.

  26. Zago (Zawh-goh):  Áscúro’s second-in-command and Rozné’s husband.

  27. Zia (Zeeh-uh):  A former Elf-turned Vampire.


  1. Cadzéga (Cahd-zay-guh):  The name of a very old city; the name is spoken in the Vampire tongue; it literally means “Torment”.

  2. Drách Asár (Drawhk Uh-sawhr):  The progenitor of the Vampire race who is both revered and reviled in the writings stored within the Vampire library; he is sometimes referred to as the First Dark Stalker.  Much of his past is shrouded in more mystery than concrete fact.

  3. Encóntram’íspa (Ehn-cohn-trawhm-ees-puh):  An instruction given in the Vampire tongue by Zago to Zia.

  4. Fámde Lambár (Fawhm-deh Lahm-bawhr):  The Elf phrase meaning “Shadowkin”, or Elves who lived predominantly at night and ate meat instead of a strict vegetarian diet, another phrase for Blood Elves.

  5. Kendra:  The deceased princess of Pasco-Dál; she had been Asher’s paramour during his last two years at the monastery.

  6. Krondak (Krawhn-dahk):  Kendra’s father; he killed his daughter when he tried to kill Asher, and through the powers of the Cadásur, Asher executed the king for murder.

  7. Lacígra-D’antenati (Lawh-seeh-gruh-Duh’awhn-the-nawh-tee):  The capital of Maíga and the former city of the Elves.

  8. Monastery Tempílra (Tehm-peehl-cruh):  The monastery in which Asher grew up; it is the main place of worship for the kingdom of Pasco-Dál.

  9. Párizja (Pawh-reez-yawh):  The name of a very old city; the name is spoken in the Vampire tongue, it literally means “Peace”.

  10. Three-Sands Desert:  The location of the Temple of Orman and Asher’s battle with J’Hadahiri N’eth-Bani.


  1. Maígan (Myh-guhn):  Of or relating to Maíga, or a citizen of that kingdom.


  1. Ákrah (Awhk-ruh):  The demonic offspring of J’Hadahiri N’eth-Bani; they are often summoned by mages who use them as thieves, spies, and assassins.

  2. Aldo:  The healer that examined Rozné after she fainted in his village.

  3. Cáldisér (Cawhl-dih-sayhr):  The king of Maíga.

  4. Cí-Cen (Chee-Sehn):  The central most of the Five Kingdoms; the mega city is broken into four districts and governed by a senate led by a chancellor.

  5. Erda König (Ahr-duh Kooh-nihg):  The Dwarf title for the progenitor of the Dwarves, the title literally means “The First of Kings”.

  6. Gorn (Gohrn):  Dobryn’s replacement as the royal advisor to the king of Maíga.

  7. Icínq-Régn (Eeh-seenkh-Rayn):  The name of the united country of the Five Kingdoms.

  8. Kirara:  Amara’s eldest sister and the woman whom Asher has begun to love.

  9. Mézu (May-zooh):  The young boy whom Gavin saved in Mær-D’en.

  10. Neela (Neeh-luh):  The daughter of the healer that examined Rozné.

  11. Pasco-Dálian (Pahscoh-Dawh-lee-uhn):  Of or relating to Pasco-Dál, or a citizen of that kingdom.

  12. Shara (Shawh-ruh):  The wife of the healer that examines Rozné after she fainted in village on her trek back to the Vampire lair.

  13. Terrincolto (Tayhr-ihn-cowhl-toh):  The southernmost of the Five Kingdoms, the majority of the landscape was covered in desert that transformed into a mountainous valley known as the Ring.

  14. Traddeon (Tray-dee-uhn):  The dictator of Terrincolto and the second oldest heir of Menonias; he died inside the Temple of Orman at the hands of J’Hadahiri N’eth-Bani.

  15. Ünterdistadt (Oohn-tayhr-dih-shtawhd):  An underground city once populated by Dwarves; it was abandoned when the Dwarves went almost extinct and the Vampires annexed the tunnels above it.


  1. Arimon (Ayhr-ih-mawhn):  Menonias’ youngest heir and the former Lord-General of Pasco-Dál.

  2. Asár íl Cadásur:  Asher’s full true name.

  3. Ceris (Sayhr-his):  The Chancellor of Cí-Cen’s senate.

  4. Cí-Cennian (Chee-She-nee-uhn):  Of or related to Cí-Cen, or a citizen of that kingdom.

  5. Frostlands:  A region in the north beyond Maíga.

  6. Guyus (Gyh-yuhss):  A mage who used to be under Ceris’ employment who helped with the secret excavation of Menonias’ sarcophagus.

  7. Sola (Soh-luh):  Ceris’ personal assistant and lover.


  1. Citadel of Belaryn (Beh-Lahr-ihn):  A massive tower sitting amid the norther portion of Cí-Cen’s Garden District.

  2. Garden District:  The largest district in Cí-Cen; it covers the entire eastern half of the kingdom.

  3. Great Chain:  The massive set of mountains bordering Maíga and Pasco-Dál; the Vampire lair is located deep underneath these behemoth geographic landmarks.

  4. Ráth (Rawt):  Zago’s younger brother.

  5. Thieves’ Guild:  The headquarters for all of the local thieves in Cí-Cen.


  1. Felmín (Fehl-meehn):  The Elf word for “lightning”.

  2. Kirin (Kih-rihn):  The priest at the Monastery Tempílcra; he raised Asher after the disappearance of the boy’s father and the death of Asher’s mother.

  3. Prime Dragon:  The title once held by the progenitor of the Dragons.

  4. Râmd’Ankellé (Rawhm-duh-Awhn-kehl-lay):  The region in which the Five Kingdoms had been build; Cí-Cen used to be one of its major cities.

  5. Shadowkin:  The name given to Blood Elves.

  6. Slipgate:  A gateway conjured by magic that links two distant locations.

  7. Sovereignty:  The leadership of the Cadásur.


  1. Adúrmenár (Uh-doohr-meh-nawhr):  A word in the Vampire tongue with multiple meanings, specifically used to mean “plague”.

  2. Eíya (Ay-yuh):  The name of Asher’s mother.

  3. Ladíz Drách (Luh-deez Drawhk):  The name Drách Asár went by in the interim between becoming Human and becoming a Vampire.

  4. Lich’s Tome:  A book of dark magic stolen by Ceris from Guyus’ workshop.


  1. Heiml (Hy-muhl):  The Dwarf word for Hell or the underworld.

  2. Irédezen (Ih-ray-deh-zehn):  The central district of Cí-Cen; it is where the Senate is located, and it sits above the kingdom’s underground prison.

  3. “Vhat ín Heiml essalós” (Vawht een Hy-muhl ehs-suh-lowhs):  Dwarvish for “What in Hell is this?”

  4. Viper:  A Dragon transformed into something evil by Menonias’ dark magic.

  5. “Vós makús dúmitan” (Vowhs mah-koohs dooh-mih-than):  Dwarvish for “What are you doing to me?”

  6. Zéví (Zay-vee):  A reanimated corpse found under the black granules of what used to be the Three-Sands Desert.


  1. Kez’zún Mér (Kehz-zoohn Mayhr):  A question in the Vampire tongue using the word for “wife”.

  2. Késh Úfem (Kaysh Ooh-fehm):  A question in the Elf tongue using the word for “wife”.

  3. Yorn:  A Vampire healer.


  1. Brovin (Broh-vihn):  Ceris’ predecessor as Chancellor of the Cí-Cennian Senate.

  2. Darkbreed:  Vampires mutated by the plague created Ceris.

  3. Jorda (Jyohr-duh):  A young girl who Ceris has kept in his custody because she is a Seer.

  4. Mítzrâni (Meetz-ruh-nee):  An empire far to the south of Icínq-Régn.

  5. Ridley (Rihd-lee):  A senatorial constituent of Ceris’ and Rodergan’s current employer.

  6. Rodergan (Rawh-duhr-gahn):  Ceris’ former personal assistant from his days as a senator.

  7. Ronso (Rawhn-soh):  A nation across the sea to the west of Icínq-Régn.

  8. Ronsonians:  Citizens of Ronso.

  9. Vipermyst:  An unnatural fusion between the Alpha Viper, Ith, and the Menonian Heir, Arimon.


  1. Aléthi kaíth Symphlôsh’eí (Uh-lay-thee kyhth Sihm-floosh-ay):  The name of a Ronsonian galleon that Rodergan takes from Mær-D’en to Ronso.

  2. Artorma (Awhr-tohr-muh):  Menonias’ former second-in-command; he was supposed to be bonded with the Elder Dragon of Air and had personally led the assault on the Dragon Nests, killing Drách Asár’s Dragon family.

  3. Carmigan (Kawhr-mih-guhn):  The Elf princess who had been reincarnated as Amara; she had accidentally revealed the secret location of the Dragon Nests before her death.

  4. Ith:  The Vipermyst and the former Alpha Viper; he is Gavin’s mortal enemy.

  5. Nests, The:  The secret location all Dragons migrated to during mating season to lay, hatch, and raise their young.


  1. Halfling:  A descendent of a lineage that is half Elf and half Human.

  2. Market District:  A district in Cí-Cen that boasts the largest number of shops, curios and vendors in the whole of the kingdom and possibly all of the Five Kingdoms.

  3. Menonian (Meh-noh-ny-uhn):  Of or related to Menonias.

  4. Mina (Mee-nuh):  A young woman whom Drách Asár temporarily spares after his first assault on Cí-Cen.


  1. Kírssan (Keer-sawhn):  A Ronsonian honorific akin to “sir” or “lady” that has no specific gender reference.

  2. Lukona River (Loo-kohw-nuh):  A river that runs into and out of the port of Ruan, directing traffic moving through Ruan’s harbor.

  3. Ruan (Rhoo-awhn):  The capital city of Ronso.

  4. Y’amosh (Yeh-awh-mohwsh):  A port city on coast of the Mítzrâni Empire.


  1. Crafts District:  The district of Cí-Cen known for its artisans, performance artists, and musicians; it boasts many theaters and a renowned music academy.

  2. Hærborton (Hayhr-bohr-tuhn):  The capital city of Mær-D’en, named for it’s massive protected harbor.

  3. Par’rendentúr (Pawhr-rehn-dehn-toor):  An Elf word meaning “kinsman redeemer”, a responsibility taken on by the last male descendent in a blood line to care for the widow and children of his kinsman as if they were his.


  1. Ari (Awh-rhee):  A young boy that Asher discovers had been cured of being a Darkbreed after drinking Asher’s blood.

  2. Elise (Eh-leess):  A young girl that Asher discovers had been cured of being a Darkbreed after drinking Asher’s blood.

  3. Kala (Kawh-lawh):  A young girl that Asher discovers had been cured of being a Darkbreed after drinking Asher’s blood.


  1. Helsonite:  Of or relating to Helson (the city) and Helson Fortress, or a citizen of Helson City.

  2. Taryn (Tayr-ihn):  A young man just a year or two younger than Asher who seemingly hates the Cadásur because of bringing the Shadowkin to Helson.


  1. S’htu Strónz (Suh-tooh Stohwnz):  Elf profanity only used in the angriest of moments and not for use in polite conversation.


  1. Rai’ya (Rhy-yuh):  A girl that Asher saves from being attacked and turned into a Darkbreed; she accepts his offer to be a Shadowkin to help in the Battle for Cí-Cen.

  2. Torin (Tohwr-ihn):  A young Cí-Cennian boy who transforms into a Darkbreed after watching his family meet the same fate after they drink water contaminated with Dakrbreed blood; Rai’ya rescues the boy’s infant sibling from being eaten by Torin.


  1. Añula (Awh-nyooh-luh):  A spell used to cancel out other spells.

  2. Mystic:  The highest rank of magic user; most were trained by the Elves; notable members of their ranks were Dobryn and Amara.

  3. Solarcast:  A magical incantation used for attacking an enemy with a conjured beam of sunlight; it is typically used in the slaying of Vampires.


  1. Lightcaster:  A figure from a prophecy spoken by Jorda to Kirara

  2. War-Dance:  A rhythm-based combat form taught to young Cadásur to learn how to fight.


  1. Blood Memory:  A memory carried in the blood ingested by a Vampire; sometimes those memories can carry down from a parent Vampire to their progeny (a turned Vampire).


  1. Kíl Magá vibendíche a vicuzdóche (Keel Muh-gawh vih-behn-deesh ah vih-cuhz-dohwsh):  An Elf phrase meaning “May the Maker give you good life and good travels.”

  2. Selene (Seh-leen):  Kirara and Amara’s middle sister; she was the only Maígan princess who had been married at the time.

  3. Zilan (Zih-lahn):  Selene’s husband.


  1. Anchorpoint:  A port city on the island of the same name that sits off the coast of Mær-D’en.

  2. Callum:  The twin brother of Gavin the Dragonmyst; he serves aboard The Dragon’s Serenity as the ship’s quartermaster and surgeon.

  3. Dragon’s Serenity, The:  The Ronsonian smuggling vessel on which Gavin travelled during the events of Book II.

  4. Farfell:  A mysterious island province that Callum is sent to by Asher.

  5. Hadran Corvis (Hay-druhn Cohr-vihs):  An artifact that Asher is sending Callum to find on Farfell.

  6. Pike, The:  Another sailing vessel mentioned briefly by Callum.

  7. Rinna Hal (Rih-nuh Hāhl):  The captain of The Dragon’s Serenity; she had a very brief romance with Gavin which left her pregnant with the Dragonmyst’s child.

  8. Smitty:  A former seaman aboard The Dragon’s Serenity who went to sail on The Pike.

  9. Thé-M’ou (Tay-Muh-ohw):  Ronsonian for “That’s true”.

  10. Urv:  A sailor from The Dragon’s Serenity who self his duties to go hunting in the Frostlands.

  11. Wolf:  The former helmsman of The Dragon’s Serenity; he was killed by Ith the Vipermyst in Book II.

  12. Zane:  The First Mate of The Dragon’s Serenity; he often speaks in a jumbled manner that makes it difficult to understand him.


  1. “Buá d’amín.  Q’Aní.  Olángüc.  Šízárd.” (Boo-awh duh-ah-meen Kah-Awh-nee Oh-lawhn-gook Shee-zahwrd):  A spell in the Language of the Dead to make the blood of a long-dead corpse harvestable.

  2. “Búq’An Sehrli’igüc.  Artírlm’Así.” (Boohk-Awhn Sayrlih-ih-gook Ahr-teerlm-Ah-see):  A spell in the Language of the Dead to enhance the powers stored within the blood of a dead person.

  3. Coveno-Dospérna (Cohw-veh-nohw Dohw-spayr-nuh):  The prison hidden far beneath the streets of Irédezen.

  4. Naya (Nyh-yuh):  One of Kirara’s healers.

  5. Rhona (Rohw-nuh):  One of Kirara’s healers.

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