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Rinna Hal

Captain, warrior, sailor, woman.   These are the chief characteristics of Rinna Hal, the captain of The Dragon's Serenity.  She dual wields swords into battle that are as sharp as her wit, and even quicker than that.  She is the final authority aboard her ship, and she absolutely hates it when anyone - crew or pasenger - deigns to question that authority.

Like her quartermaster, Callum, Rinna has a tattoo on the back of her neck formed in the Ronsonian symbol for "luck"; when it activates, any endeavor that she puts herself or her ship and crew towards always seems to work out because of the magic embedded in her ink.  She ends up having a brief romance with Gavin that is prompted by her tattoo; it ends when they travel to the Dead Island and are separated, with Gavin going somewhere else in the world and Rinna magically appearing aboard the deck of her ship.


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