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C​onflicted by and committed to two separate loyalties, Rozné is the woman who transformed Asher and helped give him the power he needed to help the Vampires in their darkest time of need.  She bit him in a rage-fueled thirst for blood, but drinking it not only transformed Asher into a Vampire, it changed her into the first Shadowkin - Blood Elf - the world had seen in over 200 years.

Rozné's transformation didn't end with her becoming an Elf even if she had started life as a Human, it also left her the first expectant mother the Vampires had seen in roughly the same time.  Sharing her joy with her husband, Zago, was short-lived as Zago had himself been transformed into something else, something that couldn't connect with his wife because the scent of her blood drove him away.


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