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J’Hadahiri N’eth-Bani

Her name means "The Womb of Shadows".  She is an ancient creature whose very existence acts as the polar opposite of the Cadásur.  Her power is unmatched save for that of one the Cadásur living amongst the world.


For her crimes against the mortal world prior to the formation of Icínq-Régn, she was locked away in a prison set within the antechamber of the Temple of Orman.  It had been Orman, the First of the Elves, who had been the one stop and trap the demon in this prison.  However, no prison is perfect, and this one came with a very costly key:  the blood of a Mystic must be spilled upon the antechamber's altar.  It was this key that the Heirs of Menonias sought to use.




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