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Zane is the First Mate to Rinna Hal aboard The Dragon's Serenity.  While he is usually a gruff, tough-as-nails sailor, there are a few things that can spook this man, namely magic and and all things related to magic.  One of the many unusual nuances of his character is the way he talks; while he is Ronsonian, he doesn't have the usual accent and when he speaks the common tongue, he tends to slur and run his words together, often forming combinations that leave his audience wondering what it was that he said.

Zane, like Callum and Rinna, has tattoos.  He was twin tattoos, one on each shoulder.  They are magically imbued with the power to give him added strength and energy during a fight as they are made in the form of the Ronsonian word for "strength".  He is loyal to his friends, but he can come off a little grading, especially when he makes inappropriate sexist comments in front of or about his captain.


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