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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Book I

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The Heirs of Menonias

ISBN:  9-780692-513323

$10.00-12.99 USD

A great enemy, the Arch-Magus Menonias, has been vanquished and his campaign of terror and death has been thwarted.  From the ashes of his reign, Icínq-Régn, the Five Kingdoms, have enjoyed an unprecedented era of peace as a unified nation.  But a shadow from the darkest recesses of Icínq-Régn's violent past threatens to destroy everything as Menonias' hidden heirs rise up to complete their father's work and rekindle his legacy.  But Icínq-Régn is not without protectors; three individuals - a ranger with an ancient connection to the Dragons, a priest in training, and a princess mage - rise up to meet their calling and face "The Heirs of Menonias".

Excellent read!  This book draws you in and has a bunch of character creation in the beginning... Can't wait for the second book.

Brett Miller, California

This is a great story... I can't wait for the next book to come out!!!

Teri Thompson, Utah

This was a great book... the story itself is quite unique... the writing style was good and kept me engaged... I really enjoyed it, and I plan on reading the other books in the series.

Robert Zumwalt, California

I was immediately intrigues based on the first page of the book.  The characters hooked me in,

the story propelled me forward, and the adventure kept me involved in the story... I'm looking

forward to the next book in the series.

Ruth Anne Garcia, New Mexico

This is a well-written, in-depth fantasy.  I love the way he [the author] wrote the fight scenes, and the whole novel was very well-balanced.  There are some very unique elements mixed with what you love and expect from a good fantasy read.  I'll definitely be purchasing the next two [books].

Amanda Smith, Texas

What struck me first about this is the hook - - there's an immense amount of terrific world-building and vivid imagery... from page one.  That's what grabs you, and it doesn't let go... A must read!

BT Keaton, New Zealand

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