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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Book II

Book 2 New.jpeg
The Destiny of Dragons

ISBN:  9-780998-563602

$10.00-15.85 USD

Now that he's back from the dead, Gavin Lake - the bastard orphan turned ranger  - has decided to fully embrace his destiny.  But what does that mean?  The woman he loved has been murdered.  The soul of the Dragon he was bonded with has been obliterated.  The adventure broadens, taking the Dragonmyst across the high seas where danger lurks in every depth and powerful lessons are learned in previously unexplored lands.  Gavin has nothing to lose as he enters a new phase in his mission to face off against his greatest enemy and discover "The Destiny of Dragons".

Likable and poignant characters, but each with their own faults and weaknesses.  Facing ordeals never before created in modern literature, one is compelled to encourage the characters at every step [on their journey].  Once one gets the lay of the land, the events pick up speed and willingly drag the reader full-speed ahead!  A good read.

Ronald Jones, California

I started reading this book right after finishing Book 1... I really liked... the inventive enemy

characters and the progressive development of Gavin's skills for fighting them... I would

recommend this book to anyone interested in a unique and thoughtful approach to fantasy and

action aimed at young adults and older.

Robert Zumwalt, California

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