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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Book III

Book 3 New.jpeg
Riseof the Shadowkin

ISBN:  978-0998563619

$10.00-15.85 USD

He has survived being turned into a Vampire.  He has defeated an ancient demon above the Three-Sands Desert.  Now, Asher – the Cadásur – comes upon his greatest challenge yet.  A new darkness is virally spreading and it threatens both the living and the undead.  It is all tied back to an age old mystery concerning the identity of Drách Asár, the progenitor of the Vampire race.  Asher's travels and investigation takes him back among the undead in direct conflict with the last remaining scion of Menonias.  The stakes have never been higher for the Cadásur as he hopes to bring about the redemption and the "Rise of the Shadowkin".

I enjoyed this third book in the... series. It picks up with one of our heroes, Asher, when he exited from the storyline of the second book to embark on his own adventure. The occasional interaction between the storylines of the second and third books is a nice touch. It subtly adds depth to the world the author has created in this series.  This book has a few gory sections, so I don't think it would be appropriate for all children under thirteen, but there isn't any objectionable content, so I wouldn't discourage a mature younger person from reading it.

Robert Zumwalt, California

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