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Three-Sands Desert.jpg

Three-Sands Desert

The Three-Sands Desert covers most of Terrincolto and is the home to the Temple of Orman.  Each of the three types of sand is empowered by great magic used as protective wards to keep would-be acolytes of Menonias from finding the dead warlord's final resting place.  The outermost layer of sand is a golden yellow, and incinerates everything on the granules during the daytime, the powers enhanced by sunlight.  The middle layer of sand is ashen black and has a cool temperature to it; during nighttime, undead warrior thralls rise from the sand to claim any trespassers who have gotten through the yellow sand.  If one is fortunate enough to get to the desert's center, they will find white sand.  This sand has no effect on on travelers; it creates a shield specifically to keep anyone from leaving the desert which activated only once when the demon in the Temple had been released by Menonias' heirs.

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